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Refrigerator repair in Pensacola:

If your fridge is not getting cold, there’s frost in the freezer, everything in the refrigerator is freezing, the ice maker is broken, or if the whole thing won’t run after being transported, give us a call today.

Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, Roper, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, LG, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Fisher and Paykel, Bosch, Miele, GE, and Samsung.

1. What type of refrigerator do you have?
A side-by-side (SBS) refrigerator is a two door refrigerator where the freezer compartment and the fresh food compartment are located on opposite sides of the fridge. A bottom mount refrigerator is a single door refrigerator where the freezer and fresh food compartments are both on the same side of the fridge.
2. Is the compressor running?
The compressor is what makes the air conditioner work. If the compressor isn’t working, then the compressor fan won’t turn and the unit won’t cool down. To check if the compressor is working, open the refrigerator door and look at the back of the appliance. You’ll see a small black box with wires coming out of the top. Check these wires for continuity. If they’re connected, then the compressor is working. If not, then call a professional who can test the compressor for free.
3. Do you hear any noises?
If you hear noises coming from inside the refrigerator, try opening the doors and looking around for anything loose. If you find something loose, put it back in its place and close the doors again. If you don’t hear any sounds, then there’s probably nothing wrong with the refrigerator.
4. Are the temperatures set properly?
The temperature setting controls how cold the refrigerator stays. When the temperature is set correctly, the ice maker should make about two cups of ice per hour. If the ice maker doesn’t produce enough ice, then the temperature may need to be adjusted.
5. Does the water line leak?
Check under the sink to see if the water line is leaking. If you find a hole in the pipe, fix it right away. Otherwise, wait until the last minute before calling a plumber.
6. Have you checked the filters?
Filters remove impurities from the refrigerant. Clean them regularly and replace them when they get clogged.
7. Has the power been turned off?
Some appliances draw their power directly from the outlet. Check the fuse box to make sure no fuses are blown. If everything looks fine, then the problem might be with the breaker panel. Call a pro if you think this could be the case.

Dish washer repair Pensacola:

We’ve repaired Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, Roper, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, GE, Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, Electroux, Fisher and Paykel, Bosch, and Miele dishwashers.

Dishwashers have many different parts and components and when these parts wear out they may cause your dishwasher not to work properly. Common problems include:
a) Drain pump – if the drain pump stops working then water will back up inside the machine and cause damage to the motor. You need to remove the screws holding the cover plate on the bottom of the unit and carefully lift off the cover plate. If the drain pump is damaged, replace it.
b) Filter – if the filter gets clogged the machine won’t clean dishes efficiently. Remove the filter and wash it with soap and warm water. Make sure to put it back in place after washing.
c) Washing arms – if the washing arms don’t spin correctly or aren’t moving at all, check that the washer isn’t plugged and that the door latch is working. Check that the door latch is firmly closed before turning on the power.
d) Motor – if the motor doesn’t turn over smoothly, check that the belt is tight and that the motor is free to rotate. If the motor sounds rough, it might be time to get a new one.
e) Door – if the door won’t open or close easily, check that the door latch is securely fastened and that the hinges are aligned straight.
f) Handle – if the handle sticks or moves slowly, check that the door switch is turned on. Also make sure the door latch is secured.
g) Control panel – if the control panel lights up and doesn’t respond to buttons, check that the circuit breaker is not tripped.
h) Water level sensor – if the water level sensor doesn’t move or makes a loud noise, check that the float is properly installed and that the lid is tightly sealed.
i) Heater – if the heater doesn’t heat up or runs unevenly, check that the thermostat is set properly and that the wires are connected properly.
j) Hot water tank – if the hot water tank is leaking or the temperature gauge doesn’t register an accurate reading, check the wiring connections and the heating elements.
k) Spray arm – if the spray arm is slow to start, slow to stop, or turns erratically, check that the nozzle has been cleaned and that the spray tube is clear of debris.
l) Drain hose – if the drain hose leaks or kinks, check that the fitting is tightened and that the hose is not blocked.
m) Hose bib – if the hose bib comes loose or breaks, check that the hose connects properly.

Disposal repair Pensacola:

Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag and more.

Garbage disposals are great inventions, but they do have their drawbacks. Here are some common problems people run into with their garbage disposals and how to fix them.
1. Clogged Disposal
This problem occurs when food particles get stuck in the disposal’s filter and prevent the water from flowing properly. To solve this problem, turn off the power switch at the breaker box and remove the plug from the disposal. Then, use a screwdriver to loosen any screws holding the cover plate on. Next, unscrew the four screws located around the edge of the cover plate. Once those are removed, lift the cover plate out of the sink. You should now be able to access the filter. If the filter looks clogged, try running hot water over it until it loosens up. If that doesn’t work, replace the filter.
2. Leaking Disposal
If the disposal isn’t working correctly, it could leak. Make sure the drain valve is turned completely closed before turning on the disposal. If it still leaks after doing this, call a plumber.
3. Slow Flushing
The disposal may not be flushing fast enough. Turn off the power switch at your breaker box and unplug the disposal. Remove the two screws holding the top of the disposal down. Lift the top off carefully, making sure not to drop anything inside. Now, take a look at the flush tube. If it appears to be blocked, try using a plunger to clear it. If that doesn’t help, replace the flush tube.
4. Too Much Water
It’s possible that the disposal isn’t getting rid of enough water. Try changing the settings on the control panel to adjust the amount of water. If this doesn’t work, call a plumber to inspect the disposal.
5. Noisy Disposal
If the noise coming from the disposal is too loud, make sure the rubber washer under the lid is tight. Also, check if the disposal is plugged into the wall. If these things don’t help, call a plumber immediately.

Washer repair Pensacola:

Whether it’s vibrating, leaking, smelling, noisy, or the detergent won’t disperse, we can fix your washing machine. If it won’t run or the washer won’t drain, call Appliance Repair Pensacola. We have years of experience properly repairing washing machines.

Electrolux, GE, LG, Miele, Samsung, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool (which also makes Maytag and Amana).

1. Washing Machine not spinning
This problem could be caused by many things. First thing to check is if the washer is plugged in correctly. If it is plugged in properly then make sure the water level is correct. If the water level is low then fill it up. Also make sure the drain hose isn’t clogged. Next thing to do is turn off the power switch and unplug the washer. Then remove the lid and look at the agitator. Is it moving? If it’s not moving then try to push it around manually. If that doesn’t work then take out the belt and clean the bearings. Make sure they’re lubricated. After that replace the belt and put everything back together. Now plug the power switch back on and test it again. If it still won’t spin then call a professional.
2. Washing Machine making loud noises
If the noise is coming from the motor then firstly make sure the motor is working. If it’s not then it’s probably a bearing issue. Take out the top cover and look at the motor. Is it turning? If it’s not then check the belts. If it’s not turning them either then it might be a bad connection somewhere. You may need to have someone else help you find the problem.
3. Washing Machine leaking
Make sure the door is closed tight and there aren’t any leaks around the tub. Check the connections for loose wires or plugs. If it’s not leaking then it’s probably a faulty pump. Call a professional to fix it.
4. Washing Machine overflowing
First thing to check is if there are any leaks. If there aren’t any leaks then check the faucet. If it’s turned on then turn it off. Look inside the tub and see if anything is blocking the drain. If it’s not blocked then it’s probably a broken valve. If it is then call a professional to repair it.
5. Washing Machine not draining
Check the drain hose to make sure it’s not clogged. If it is then check the valve. If it’s not clogged then it’s probably a blockage. If it is then you’ll need to call a professional to fix it for you.
6. Washing Machine not heating up
First thing to check if the temperature is set correctly. If it’s not set correctly then it could be a faulty thermostat. If it is set correctly then it could just be dirty. Clean the tub and agitator. If it’s not cleaning then it could be a problem with the impeller. If it’s not rotating then it’s probably a worn bearing. Replace the impeller and re-assemble the machine.
7. Washing Machine not stopping
First thing to check would be if the cycle is set right. If it’s not right then it could be a fault with the timer. If it’s not stopped then it could be a shorted circuit, burnt fuse, or blown relay. Call us to help!

Dryer repair NWFL:

Is your clothing still wrinkled when it comes out of the dryer? Excessive noise? Dryer won’t turn on? Dryer isn’t getting hot? Our appliance repair technicians have seen all these problems and then some.

Give us a call today to fix your Maytag, Roper, Jenn-Air, GE, Samsung, LG, Speed Queen, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Bosch, Miele, Fisher and Paykel, Whirlpool, or Kenmore dryer.

1. Clothes Dryer not heating properly
This problem occurs when the dryer does not heat enough air to properly dry the clothes. If the dryer is not working correctly, check the fuses first, then the electrical connections. If these do not work, contact a professional electrician.
2. Clothes Dryer overheating
If the dryer gets hot to touch, or if the temperature gauge reads high, immediately turn off the power switch. Do not use any buttons on the machine. Remove the lint filter and clean it out. Check the venting system, and make sure that it is clear of debris. If necessary, open the door and let some cool air escape. If the problem persists, call a professional service technician.
3. Clothes Dryer short-circuiting
When the dryer shorts out, the motor stops spinning and the timer keeps running. When this happens, the dryer cannot complete its cycle. To prevent this from happening again, keep the fuse box free of debris and replace any blown fuses. Make sure that the vents are clear of obstructions. If the problem continues, call a professional service provider.
4. Clothes Dryer tripping circuit breaker
The dryer may trip the circuit breaker if the wires are loose or damaged. Loose wires can cause arcing, which causes damage to the wiring and could lead to fire. Call a professional service technician to repair the problem.
5. Clothes Dryer won’t start
Check the fuse box and fuses. If they are good, try starting the dryer without the timer. If the dryer still doesn’t start, remove the lint filter and inspect the venting system. If the problem persists after cleaning the venting system, call a professional service tech.
6. Clothes Dryer burning smell
A burning odor coming from the dryer indicates that something is wrong with the exhaust duct. If you notice a strong burning odor while drying laundry, shut down the dryer and unplug it. Let the machine cool completely before opening the door and checking the venting system. Clean the duct if necessary. If the smell returns, contact a professional service technician.
7. Clothes Dryer making loud noises
If the dryer makes loud banging sounds, the drum might need to be replaced. Contact a professional service technician to fix the problem.

Everyone knows not to put metal in a microwave (or they should!) but there are other reasons for a microwave to spark and smoke, and potentially cause a fire. If your microwave is not heating food, the plate isn’t spinning, if it’s making strange noises, or if it starts and then stops, we are your guys.

We fix traditional microwaves, small, large and hoodvent microwaves.

If your microwave keeps tripping breaker, follow these steps:

1. Make sure the microwave is plugged in.
2. Check the fuse box under the kitchen counter.
3. If you have a second outlet nearby, plug in a lamp or fan and turn it on. See if the breaker trips again.
4. Plug in any appliances that use electricity (i.e. toaster oven) and test them.
5. Try resetting the breaker.
6. Reset the breaker back to its original position.
7. Test the microwave again.
8. If the problem still persists, contact us.

Oven/stove/range/cooktop repair Pensacola:

Gas or electric, we fix it all at Appliance Repair Pensacola. If the gas burner won’t light or keep clicking, the electric burner won’t heat, the oven temperature is incorrect, oven won’t self-clean, the door won’t shut, the oven light won’t turn on, or if the whole thing just doesn’t turn on, you need to call in for a repair. 

Ice machine repair Pensacola:

Common problems are the machine is not making enough ice, you have a clogged filter, the water line is turned off or clogged, the water inlet valve is broken, the control arm is out of position, or the ice maker is leaking. 

Freezer repair Pensacola:

If your freezer has ice or frost buildup, or your meat is so freezer-burnt it’s fully covered in ice, or if it’s not working at all, call us to get a free quote for repair. Other issues we’ve seen are leaking water, insufficient cooling, failure to turn on and strange noises.

Water heater repair in Pensacola:

We fix many water heater brands like Rheem, Ge, Whirlpool, AO Smith, Navien, Kohler, Marathon, Kenmore, American Standard, Bosch, Delta, and Bradford White. You’ll know your water heater isn’t working right if you have a lack of hot water, dirty water, water leaks, low water pressure, overheating, a stuck valve, a bad gasket, a leak from nearby plumbing connections, a noisy water heater, or pilot light and burner issues. Give us a call today!

All brand appliance repair Pensacola

We also fix many other appliances! And unfinished DIY repairs!

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